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The definition of the word, "celebrities," according to the Oxford American Dictionary is "a well-known person, fame, being famous."  Of course, the celebrities may disagree with this definition because we, the fans, in fact, do not know the celebrities themselves, except in their public personas, such as in their movies.  That is, we do not know them like we know our siblings, close friends, or if applicable, our children.

But what makes celebrities, "celebrities" and why has this word been chosen to describe this group of public figures?

"Celebrate" is defined as "to do something to show that a day or event is important, to honor with festivities, to make merry on such an occasion."  Another definition says, "to officiate at (a religious ceremony). 

The Latin "root" word, "celebritas" means "fame" according to the American Heritage Dictionary.  

When you watch a movie, a game, or even a political debate, would the above definitions apply?  What are you celebrating?  The celebrity, what the celebrity is acting out or representing? or both?

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