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celebrity deaths

The most prominent time we remember celebrity deaths occurs for most of us who tune in to the Academy Awards.

We are also reminded with the help of the media especially when Presidents, musicians, athletes, movie stars, writers and many others in the public eye have died.

These news items bring many examples of individuals who have done extraordinary things with their lives, who were blessed with gifts and used them in this life.  

However, let us not forget the many non-famous people who do extraordinary things in their everyday lives--moms, fathers, brothers, sisters, neighbors, or people in our immediate communities--such as in our small neighborhood paper who wrote an article about a woman in her seventies who started a thriving organization to help those who are in need.  When you read about people like this, who work for paltry pay and don't have the millions at their discretion, you believe in humanity.

Possibly, the celebrities we now grieve for were once helped by people like this woman.

And in this great country of the United States, time and proven time again, such stories are possible.

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