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It continues to amaze how the public is interested in hollywood celebrities and it seems more and more websites are dedicated to them.  That is, no need to worry about finding out about your favorite celebrity--there will be something about him or her online--from pictures, to news, to gossip, to where they may appear in public and so on. 

While athletes, models and politicians get media time, hollywood celebrities seem to get a big chunk of the attention in the traditional media and on the Internet.

This fascination is explored further in celebrity unauthorized biographies at  One conclusion is our need to see life through the art expressed in the movies and when the movie succeeds in "touching us," we become loyal art fans as well as fans of the celebrity who expressed what we, too, want to think and feel--sometimes forgetting that the celebrity is "human" and this gets in the way of the celebrity persona.

Whatever the reasons may be for our continued interest in hollywood celebrities, enjoy browsing through the websites below. 

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