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It would be interesting to find out where the term, "movie stars" originated.  A possible answer would be that in the beginning of the industry, this was a marketing term to seduce us, an audience that is fascinated with this new way to be entertained.  For instance, titles like "A Star Is Born" and many other stories of women being plucked out of obscurity to become celebrities have definitely defined a generation who fantasized of "living" and identifying themselves as "stars."  

Today, just like we know more about the stars, galaxies and the universe, we also know more about the realities of the lives of today's celebrities, unlike their predecessors, whose lives were sometimes tightly locked up and not publicized.

Still, it cannot be denied that today's movie stars have economic power, not only at the box office, but also in providing "a living" for many who "celebrate" their "star status."

So whether we live in our own fantasies of being "stars" or have awakened to the tough-business side of being a "star," or simply want to read and be a part of these talented people by finding out more about them, thanks to them, they invite us into their artistic realms where all can benefit.

EbookFinally, movie stars are the direct proof of the power of the motion picture.

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