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Photo Gallery movie stars

If you are looking for a photo gallery of your favorite movie stars, many fan sites and celebrity sites have plenty to offer.  Most of these links below are "reliable" and are not "true" fan sites that are more fickle--although fan sites have more "character" than the usual-same celebrity site.

See links below and enjoy!  

Photo Gallery movie stars at celebrity sites:

Find anyone famous:

Scrolling pictures of movie stars at the top of the page:

If you want to find out how much money a movie made and read a bio on your favorite star:

Viggo Mortensen pictures:


Aragorn pictures:

Gladiator Movie pictures:



Wonderful site with unique, not-the-usual pictures.  If you click on Images page 3, you will see Maximus wearing sunglasses:

Gladiator Movie Premiere pictures:

Looking for a poster?


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