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Pics of Female Movie Stars

Pics of Female Movie Stars are many and the celebrity sites include individual websites, forums, or businesses that feature many of the actresses we like.  You can browse and enjoy them in your favorite magazines and now the Internet, thanks to the hard work of people who provide us with information on Female Stars online.

Posters of Female Movie Stars.

Link to Yahoo’s list of images.

Star Seeker site with links to stars in alphabetical order.  Also provides search box.

This site provides a picture and brief information about each female star listed:

Browse for Pictures of Female Movie Stars here.  In alphabetical order by first name.  Some of the female stars from this site:  Helena Bonham Carter.  Cameron Diaz.  Jennifer Lopez. Lucy Liu.  Liv Tyler.  Charlize Theron.  Naomi Watts.

Classic Female Stars:

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