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silent movie stars

A local museum was featuring silent movies and was showing a black and white movie and it was impressive.  The entire look was great, the actor and actress had great screen presence, and the set was believable, and more shockingly, the fact it was silent required certain acting elements from the actors that made you become engaged in their “silent” story. 

Imagine speaking actors today doing the same thing and it would almost be comic—because it would be difficult to see them move backwards in time to that era—although for actors today this would be a great, insurmountable challenge. 

So it took a certain kind of talent, expression, and likable presence to shine as one of the early silent movie stars.  When you see a gallery, there was a certain kind of look that appealed to audiences at that time.

silent movie star  Douglas Fairbanks

silent movie star  Greta Garbo

Go to these pages to see their names and pictures.  Well organized:

This site shows there was also a “Harrison Ford” movie star:

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